Sunday, January 16, 2011

Am I mean??

I decided that I wanted to plan a girls weekend when my husband returns from deployment. I really need a weekend at the spa. I am planning this with my sister in law, friends, and a cousin. Also, I decided to invite my friends from high school that I havent seen in years. I thought it would be a good idea to find out everyone's budget before I get to planning so that I dont leave anyone out. I emailed everyone. Everyone gave me a pretty reasonable budget. But one friend never responded to my message. Which I kinda knew what that meant but I just let it go. If she couldnt afford to do it. Its no big deal. Maybe next time, right??

Well, she called me Friday and asked where were we going. I told her that I asked everyone where they wanted to go and most are saying Vegas. I also have a GREAT rate to go. She said well how about we go to Panama City. At first, I responded what the hell is in Panama City. Believe me, I dont have anything against the area but where did that suggestion come from. Panama City from Vegas?? You know that doesnt make sense. Then she explained. She said that her mom lived in Panama City and her mom could cook for us. That's sweet and all but if I want to get away why would I want to go to her Mom's house. Not only that, no one knows her mom. Then I realized that its just a hop skip and a jump from her house. I didnt say nothing because I didnt want to hurt her feelings but REALLY why the heck do I want to go to visit her Mom. Ummm, I got a free pass to get out while the kids and my husband have some rebonding time after a year deployment. I am taking up on the offer. Plus I am going to have a weekend spent with massages, wine, and sightseeing.

My problem is how do I tell her thanks but no thanks. I dont want to hurt her feelings. Dont let me forget that she snuck in there that she is using her money for her family trip not a girls weekend. Which I understand. But if you really want to go, you have to be able to work with EVERYONE not just what is acceptable for you. People are traveling from all over; east west and the south. We are spitting 360 between 6 people for the hotel. Its a condo rental with kitchen. So we dont have to spend money on going out to eat much if we dont want to. All you have to worry about is the airfare. You cant beat that with a stick.

Am I being unreasonable?


Melissa said...

You gotta love those friends. I would tell her that the plans have already been set for Vegas and that you would love for her to go but understands her financial situation. You can add that you will put PC on the list for the next trip. The majority picked Vegas Babe! You got a great deal. Do you have any suggestions on a cheap cruise price. I'm suppose to be planning the "family" cruise to Bahamas or Jamaica for THIS year. Good Luck.

ShandtinaSays said...

ummm hecks no you are not being mean. I frankly would have told her straight up that I didn't want home cooking I wanted to be pampered in a hotel. If she doesn't know everyone that was invited I would say that the majority ruled and Vegas it is!

Dana said...

Thanks ladies. My husband gave me some advice but it was PURELY Testosterone. SMH!!!

Melissa, I got my rate through a military friendly site but if you are shopping for a cruise and want a cheap rate sometimes just going on the ship site will have some deals. I get deals all the time from Carnival. Even look into a travel agent. Depending on the time you are planning to go, you can get GREAT deals. I would wait until after the summer rush to go though. If I find some deals I will share them. I am trying to plain a cruise for Thanksgiving. I will give details on the planning soon. If you never been on a cruise, you will love it. I LOVE CRUISING!!!

Tasha said...

ummm no! Girls trips are suppose to be about having fun, girl time, bonding, talking about foolishness then coming back to reality, we go thru this same foolishness all the time when we try to make girl time, so i have told my girlfriend who ususally does all the plan, there is no way to please everyone so just stop, if the majority is in agreement then that's where we are going b/c honestly Vegas vs. Panama City, not even a choice, i feel sorry that she doesn't know how to really say she can't go or can't afford it, but realisticly she'll probably always be the one to put the bummer in the whole trip. Go enjoy your time off that you have finally gotten a chance to have, and enjoy it to the fullest!!!