Friday, January 21, 2011 Review

"Big Funny Cards, Personalized Greeting Cards."

Hey all, 

Steve over at gave me the opportunity to review their cards today. I really was thrilled to do this. This was a great opportunity for me to out do my husband. He is usually the one to say it and say it big. Well, he is not going to top me this year. I ordered a Valentine's Card. I was able to personalize it with my own wording. I was also able to add a picture. This was awesome and pretty easy might I add to create. Since my husband is deployed I think this JUMBO card would make his day.

They offer cards in just about EVERY Category. They even give you the opportunity to personalize the card to fit your needs. In which all can be done very easily on their website. The prices range from $19.50 to $39.50. They also offer cards with special cut outs; such as roses for $5.00 more, and all are shipped for free.

My personal favorite is the "Money Tree" card. will provide you instructions on how to fold your money to look like leaves on the tree. Cool, right?!!!

I would recommend this service to everyone especially if they want to make a big statement even bigger. . They will have a lot of fun designing. The kids would really have a ball. 

Ordering Information 
• Order Toll Free by Phone: 1-866-241-2295 
• Order Online 
Contact Information : 
5200 SW 30th St. 
Davenport, IA, 52802 
At the intersection of I-280 and Hwy 22 

Envelope Information 
• Made out of sturdy white cardboard 
• Decorative seal included INSIDE envelope for customer to adhere 
• Decorative stamp placed on the front of the envelope in the upper right corner 
• Price as followed : 
$4.00 for 18" x 24" 
$5.00 for 24" x 36" 
$6.00 for 36" x 48" 
For more information on Envelopes please call Toll Free at 1-866-241-2295 

"Please be advised that I was not paid to do this review but was given the opportunity to create this card for free to review and share my honest opinion of their product and website."

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