Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hurry up and wait....Army life

I got a kick out one of my friends on Facebook, today. She was complaining about how she hates her husband job because they are slow at doing things. Then she ended her comment with "I can't wait until he enlists in the Army!" All I could do is laugh. One thing you will learn in the Army is patience. The Army motto is "Hurry up and wait." Nothing is done when you want it. If you are reading this and a Army wife, you know what I mean. I told her, "don't think it gets any better in the Army." She said, "he will get more than 12 hours per week, right?" Oh hunny, the Army is going to get their money worth. While my husband  is deployed, he works 10am to 12am the next day every day.Well sometimes he will get off about 10pm or so...sometimes. He will not get a day off until he gets back home.

No real point to this post but I got a kick out that. I know that some of my readers are military affiliated and would get a kick out of that, too.


Feliz4life said...

LOL agreed. I am an Army Brat and nothing was worse than livng most of my childhood without my father. Before my husband and I got married he tried to get it the Army. I told him I that I probably would break up with him cause there was no way I could make it as an Army wife, I knew too much lol.

Dana said...

Dont get me wrong, I love being a Army wife and brat but I find it funny when people think that once they go into the Army life is be easy.

Now that as for the Army life, I don't care for the deployments but I love my life and the benefits the Army offers. Heck, I only paid 2k towards my education and the Army is giving me money to pay that back.

I guess its all on what you make it.