Sunday, January 23, 2011

What do you want to know??

If you are a avid reader or just a reader of my blog, is there anything that you would like for me to discuss? DO you have questions? Or topics that you want me to talk about more or less about.

I do realized that I stated will be doing more recipe post but haven't yet. I do plan on delivering. School is just kicking my B U T T. I really haven't had the time to take pictures and document my steps. But I will. Just  let me get out of Statistics II and I will have a clear head again. I usually post first thing in the morning or at night. I am usually far from thinking about the kitchen at that time.

I have gotten emails to talk about being an Army wife/Officer wife. Which I am working that in my posts, as well. I really don't know what to say because I feel that its just like being any other wife but I am working on it.

I will also be talking about my favorites As you see, I have started posting freebies. I will also talk more about sales and my method of shopping. How not to break the bank. Come with me and we will be shopping Divas and not going BROKE! My most popular post are my shoedazzle/Justfab post. I will keep them coming.

So let me have it. What do you want me to talk about? You can post a response here or email me. I will be sure to address the topic either here or in a private setting.

Thank you all for your support.

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Feliz4life said...

I loved when you talked about being an Army wife. But at the end writing what YOU love is best.