Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where has the week gone

We had a four day weekend and I cant believe that its the eve of THURSDAY. I have so much I wanted to get done but haven't found time to get half the things I need to get accomplished.

 I went thrifting today to see if I can find some awesome curtains for my bedroom. Well I didnt just go thrifting. I went window shopping all over. Well anyway, I didnt find anything from the thrift store. Umm, yes I did. My kitchen is cafe theme and I found these awesome metal bag looking things. I should have taken a picture but I dont feel like going back downstairs.

SIDE NOTE: Have you ever gone down the stairs because you needed something and then once you are back up stairs again you realize that you needed something else. Well I did that 5 times a few minutes ago. YES, five times. Finally I just stood in front of the steps and thought about it for a minute. I was not going down them steps anymore. 

Ok back on track. I, also, went shopping to find something cute for the kids to wear in their portraits soon. I dont know what I want them to wear. I just want something really cute. I went to Children's place, Target, and Old Navy (They were all were in the same shopping center). I think I found some things I just have to go back to Children's place some time this weekend. I had to do some car debating. Drive and think about what I REALLY wanted for them.

Then I stopped by Maurices, Bed Bath and beyond, and Kirklands. I went to Kirklands to see if I can find something for my bedroom. I did find some awesome curtains but I forgot the dimensions of my window. All I could remember was huge and hard to shop for. GRRRR!!! Left empty handed. I really didnt see anything in BBB, neither. I did see some coffee. I have a Keurig and I realized that the best selection is there. Will be going back, that was the last store I went to and I had to get going so I wouldnt be late getting the kids from school.

Maybe that's why I cant get what I need to get done...Shopping! But wait I shopping on a mission and a plan. I have to get my bedroom decorated.

I never been to Maurices before but they had HUGE sale signs in the window. I HAD to check that out. They had an AWESOME sale, 75% of all clearance merchandise. On top of that, they offer a 10% military discount. I didnt get much but I did get a 4 shirts and 4 trouser socks. I believe I have spend 25. No more than 27. Tomorrow they start a BOGO sale on dressy apparel.

Besides waiting on the Directv guy to add a box to another room and driving 30 minutes away to get meds, that was my day. Tomorrow, I have to get some grocery shopping done. I hate grocery shopping. I am going to get started on my lamps. I have to grab some chrome spray paint. I will have before and after pictures. I also just finished with my nails. You should see how I am typing to protect them. I will do a review on this polish tomorrow. I wanted to talk pictures and the camera is downstairs. LOL!!

Well I better get off here. Statistics II is calling my name. I am trying to ignore the calls but no use. One more week of class and I am done. LORD, please help me though the rest of this class.


Feliz4life said...

LOL What a Day! Hey, I will do your crocery shopping and you can come over and do my decor;)

Dana said...

Now ya talking! I would have lots of fun. :D

Tasha said...

Yes ma'm you did have a hectic day and the most you came out with was 4 shirts, and 4 pairs of trousers socks, you are doing good! Don't you just love seeing a good sale, then battling if i really need this or should i just wait! Good shopping this weekend!