Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to cope during a deployment.

I am in the middle of a deployment and I get asked this a lot.

What do I do to keep busy? I make friends and try to be social with people I have things in common with. My children and I do a lot of exploring and just having fun.

There will be scary times, lonely nights, or just plain ole I hate this time but time doesn't stand still and you will be able to get though it.

Take up hobbies.

Towards the end of deployments, some families redecorate their homes. I am one of those people. I want my husband to come back to something new. It takes up a lot of time.

Go back to school. It doesn't matter whether for a degree or not but its a way to get better knowledge and meet new people. I went back to school. I also take salsa lessons and looking in to pottery classes.

Volunteer. Military services offer a lot of volunteer services.

Find a part time employment.

Go to the Gym; lose some weight or gain some muscles. The gyms on post are free. I know the gym I go to has a indoor track, rock climbing, state of the art equipment, racket ball courts, free weights, each locker room has a sauna; all for free. Even some gyms offer a snack bar.

I am a firm believer the Idle time can be destructive time.

Counseling is available, if needed. Seek out your local chapels. They also offer wonderful programs and services for the military spouse.

I hope this helps.

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