Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yep, my tummy hurts!!! Girly talk

Couldnt really think of a clever title. I haven't shared this with you guys yet but I consider you friends and I want to stress the importance of paying attention to your body.

TMI warning:

So, one day I was watching Tyra's period show. I think that was the title. It was a show talking about the woman's menstrual cycle. Talking about what is normal and what's not. I realized that most of the symptoms that they stated wasn't normal was things that I have been dealing with for a few years now. At first I just brushed it off because like I said it was dealing with it for a few years now.

Then one day something told me to just go to the doctor. My mother had a hysterectomy. I needed to ensure that I was checked out. I finally made an appointment. Told my doctor my concerns. She also said that what I have been going through isn't normal.

1. I cant wear tampons because my flow is tooooo heavy
2. I have to change my pad every 20 minutes or so.
3. BAD cramps
4. Anemia

Now, I go in every year for a pap but never really talk about that stuff because I wrote it off as being normal. I mean it was MY normal.

She did an exam and thought that my uterus was a bit enlarged and wanted to get a ultrasound right away.

I went to get my ultrasound today. I, indeed, had a enlarged uterus. I, also, have a fibrous uterus. Not too sure what is the next step but I will be going back to the doctor on Monday to talk about my results and my options.

Thank you, Tyra! Normally, I didnt watch her show. Heck, the show I watched is a re-run. I just learned that her show is cancelled. I guess God guided me to that show to show me that I needed to take my behind in.

I will keep you posted but I thought that I should share because getting those annual check-ups are important. Or just going in to ask questions can prevent something to come up in the future.

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ONE OF US said...

Wow! Sounds about like me...
I hope your appt. on Monday goes well. Let us know how it goes.