Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sooo I cut down on my school load

I realized that school has really taken up any extra time that I had. I don't cook like I should...No baking. Nothing. The kids has even had to sacrifice. So I decided after my last class, it ended yesterday, that I am going to only take only one class every 5 weeks.

Be prepared for more post because I will have free time again. I tried to maintain it all but it was just too much. I could handle it but what about me time and family time. Something had to get. Since I know I wasn't dropping out I had to cut my work load.  I think the only thing that I am active on (personal internet time) is on Facebook. I think thats because its on my phone. Did I say I <3 Facebook.

 But anyway...yeah, I had to cut back. I think my stress level was going up just to finish sooner than projected. What is a few months, right! Maybe I can increase the load again when my husband gets back from deployment.
wait, I will be just about finished by then...Oh well. Talk to you. I have to get my house together. I just washed what I feel like a million loads of clothes. Time for me to deliver them to their rightful owners to have to put away.

Talk to you soon!!!!

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