Saturday, April 2, 2011

Natural Hair Product Review- I Love My Fro Shea Butter Whips

I am an avid watcher of Harmony's (freeworshipfreewors) Youtube channel. She offers great tutorials on hair care and I absolutely love her talks about loving the skin your in.  After watching her demonstrate how to use her product, I decided to try her line of Whipped Shea Butter. I LOVE to see brown women working hard and working for themselves. I am a proud supporter of this. Nothing like seeing young women working hard to become successful business owners.  

I purchased the 8oz jar of the Ginger Shea Butter Whip for $15. Shipping was quick and very professional.  I have been using this product for about two weeks now and I even purchased one more 8oz and a 16 oz on Thursday. 

All I can say is that my hair and my twins hair LOVE it. After I use this moisturizer, my hair feels like it doesnt need any more moisture for a few days. This is true for my girls hair, as well. Mind you that I have one that suffers from severe eczema and her skins eats up moisture like crazy. Her hair gets so dry and brittle that it falls out. So this product making her hair look moisturized a few days later is EXCELLENT!!! 

In our home that we range from 3b, 3C, and 4A/B textured hair, normally our hair products are always different. Some of the products that work for my 4 hair is too heavy for my daughter 3b hair. With this product it isn't the case. My daughter 3b hair loves it just as much as my 3C daughter as well as my 4 A/B hair. 

What is even more awesome to me...It works with my KCCC. Yep, no build up! Which is GREAT since I LOVE KCCC. The whip even helps with not having crunchy hair after use of my KCCC.

ILOVEMYFRO offers many different scents in this product; mango, ginger, coconut, peppermint, golden sand, green tea, vanilla, orange-vanilla and of course unscented. 

The consistency is similar to pudding. It actually looks like a banana pudding. You can use it on wet or dry hair. It is yellow in color and the ginger is heavenly in smell...if you like the smell of ginger. :)

Even better you can use this product on your skin. Like any moisturizer it is best to use it on damp skin. The skin absorbs it better. So straight out the shower is best. 

Ingredients:  Raw African Shea Butter, Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Emulsifier, Optiphen (Preservative) and Fragrance.

Hair Directions:  Apply to freshly shampooed, conditioned and detangled hair.  Can also be used on dry hair.

Body Directions: For best results apply to damp skin.

Pricing: 8oz $15 and 16oz $20

So if you are looking for an EXCELLENT moisturizer, I recommend that. Even drop by the website and shoot her an email. Her response is lighting fast and she is very helpful. If you do decide to purchase, please come back and share. 

Have a great weekend all!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I was interested in ordering this product, but I am wondering how long did processing and shipping take?

Dana said...

It only takes her 2 days when I order from her. Harmony is very good with communicating with you. She will send you a confirming email when she is shipping it out. Once I had issues with my shipping address. I contacted her soon as I realized that I forgot to change my new address from my old and she responded with in minutes. She

Anonymous said...

i ordered the mango whip shea butter about 4 months ago and am just using it. it is FABULOUS!!!! smells good and works great on twist outs. i had a problem getting my package becuase it was sent to the post office and there was a delay in harmony shipping it out and i still had the product in 9 days!!! she is very sweet and has good customer service skills.

Dana said...

Glad you had a great experience.

Harmony said...

Hi Dana!

Thanks so much for posting this!