Wednesday, October 12, 2011

speaking of working out...

I HATE running. I dont know why. Maybe its the F cups that I sport but I just hate it. Well I am so curious about those who say running is a stress release. All it brings me is stress.

 I know...DRAMATIC! Well anyway, Since my husband is an avid runner, I wanted him to see why I hated it so much and why I have issues going to long haul.

He said that he thinks its because I hit the pavement like I am a pro. Too much too fast! Well I am determined to get this because I (hate) not being able to do something. Im no quitter!!. So for the next few weeks I will be developing myself as a better runner.

I heard that there is a GREAT program for beginner runners on iPhone but I have a Droid. That sucks but I found one that I heard is suppose to be similar.

Wish me luck!!!

I dont know how much running I will get down this week because I think I may have the flu but I will be out there soon as my head stops spinning and stomach stops the acrobatic mess. See you soon.

P.S. I have pictures of my mini vacay at the beach. I will be posting real soon.

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