Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My dining table re-do Part 2...more details.

I forgot to take pictures of the table but I still have time because my dear ole hubby said that he will start refinishing it next week.

I will add pictures of the table tomorrow when I get out of bed....dont feel up to it right now.

I want these chairs but I really dont want to pay 159 each from Pottery Barn. I have been on a mission to find these chairs and actually found 4 at a consignment shop but I have a table of 6. If I get those I would have to find  arm chairs. I dont HAVE to find but I think an arm chair would work best. I just have to find something that wont take from the texture of the side chairs but add to the Caribbean feel that I am after. I better make up my mind and fast because those chairs may not be there when I return.

If you have some ideas, please share! I would love some ideas.

This is my inspiration. My table is a rectangular but I LOVE this style!

All pictures are used from I dont not own the rights of these photos just using for inspirations and ideas. 

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