Friday, November 4, 2011

Grease and water twist out

I have been reading a lot lately about curlies going back to using grease. So I decided to do an experiment on grease and water twist outs myself. I know that some natural hair individuals will not ever use grease but I said why not. I want to see if there is some sort of significant change in my hair. I do not use grease on my scalp and will not begin. I still only use water to moisturize my scalp but I will wear the grease on my hair and concentrating on sealing my ends.

I am on my second day of twisting my hair with water and grease. Yesterday I used blue magic green bergamot  with a gorgeous twist out. It didnt feel heavy or greasy when I ran my hands through my hair, AT ALL.  Last night I used Mimosa Hair Honey. Again my twist out was gorg but when I ran my hands through my hair I did have a lil grease on my hands.

Both products left my hair soft. My twist out was done on hair that was previously twisted with the Royal Curl gel. I just couldnt take the stiff feeling any longer. My next twist out with water and grease will be done with Royal Crown. I will be doing this for a month to document my results.

Please share with me your results of using grease. I know that when I went natural all I read and was told was that grease was bad. I never looked up the effects myself but now I am...Talk to you again at the end of the month.

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