Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review: Amala Cream Rinse

16oz 11.99

I purchased three items from Hairveda! Today I will talk about the Amala Cream Rinse.

As I stated previously, I was in search for a new shampoo that is gentle alternative to my Dr Bonners Soap. On black friday, quite a few natural hair companies ran good sales. I have always heard talk about Hairveda and I thought what a good way to try a product....SALE!!!

I washed by hair today with this product. I wore a wash'n go so I had a bit of build up. I have only used a sud-free product once and I really didnt get good feel for the product because the sample was very small (Original Moxie, I will review when I purchase a full size product).

I am a little heavy handled with product so I was a bit nervous trying this product. I had to get use to a product that are sud-free.

 I prepped my hair by dividing it in four sections with my clips. I rinsed my hair to prep for the poo. Then I poured about a silver dollar sized amount of product in my hand. I massaged the product from root to tip. I did this for all four sections. I pinned each section back up once applied

SN: One thing that I do notice with this and the other non-suds poo. (sulfate-free) that my curls are bouncy. Its like the poos moisturize my curls while cleaning.

After smoothing the product in my hair, I let it sit as instructed for about a minute. Then I rinsed each section. When I was complete, I am pleased to say that my hair felt clean without losing all my moisture that I worked so hard to maintain during the week.

I have to say that despite the long shipping time about 3 weeks, I enjoyed the product. Will I purchase again? I'm not sure because I like speedy shipping and if I like the Original Moxie Shampoo (faster shipping) I will go with them.

If time isnt an issue for you, GO FOR IT!!! It is a GREAT product. Now on to the details of the product via Hairveda website.

OHHHH, I almost forgot. The product is very lightly citrus scented. The same consistency as ordinary shampoo.
Amala Cream Rinse-Gentle Hair & Body Cleanser

Amala Cream Rinse is a Creamy Hair & Body shampoo which lightly removes dirt & oils.  ACR is formulated with all natural lemon & orange oils and specifically designed to clean tresses. ACR is also great for those with sensitive skin types. Give your hair and body a light cleanse with our unique formula.

Hair Usage: Use before your conditioner washes to remove buildup which accumulates due to heavy conditioner use. Safe to use daily and a great alternative to shampoos. Body Usage: Wet skin and apply ACR onto a washcloth. Smooth the cream all over body and rinse.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-40 Castor Oil, Stearalkonium Chloride, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel OilOrange Peel OilGermall Plus. Fragrance. Shelf Life: 4-6 Months. Applications: Up to 20 Uses. Note: Keep out of sunlight

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