Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What does my husband think of my natural hair

When I did a big chop, he was in Iraq. I was so nervous to share with him what I did but I got on Skype and he said "Wow, beautiful!" I was grinning eye to eye. He actually loves my hair like this and hinted over to me that I shouldn't ever get a relaxer again. When he got home, I straightened it. The reaction I got was sooo not what I expected. He liked the growth but the straight hair didn't excite him. Man, was I mad. That was hours of waste. Lol!!

I don't play in my hair, He does. He loves when I wear it out and curly.

He told me that I was more versatile with my hair, now. I am thankful for such a supportive husband. Now just to work on him letting me have his closet, too!

The only thing that he is not fond of is my addiction of being a product junkie. Im taking over our bathroom one product at a time.

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