Thursday, January 5, 2012

Military Tax time Options for FREE

This time of season can be the most exciting or the most dreaded time of the year. Everyone wants to see if they are getting a refund or do they have some paying back to do. 

Most like that rapid refund but at 32%, that is just eating up that refund that you may be receiving. We worked to hard to have to pay that much money just to see our money opinion. 

As a military member and family, installations offer free tax preparation for all active duty, family members, and retirees. Services offered includes:(1) distribution of federal tax forms; (2) assistance with and preparation of federal and state income tax forms; (3) electronic filing of federal tax returns; and (4) electronic filing of some state returns; and (5) direct deposit of refunds or automatic debit of tax owed.

Or you have to option to do your own taxes online for free with assistance at Taxslayer. I personally love the security offered while using this program online. Military Edition 

All Active Duty Military prepare and e-file both Federal and State for Free!
  • Step by Step Deduction Finder
  • Life Events Wizard
  • All Major Forms and Schedules
  • Real Time Tax Refund Calc
  • Free Email Support

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