Friday, January 6, 2012

Sears/Kmart...layaway...workout equipment

I forgot to mention this to you yesterday but I was browsing in Kmart yesterday and saw that they had all exercise equipment on sale. I was intriqued. Then I noticed they had a cross-fit treadmill $420 on sale for $260. But if you are an active rewards member, you may have some rewards cash available\. Well anyway, I was able to get a treadmill half off. Because I wanted to see what my husband thought of it first, I put it on layaway because it was only that one left. I'm pretty sure that he will like it. He loves treadmills and this one seems to be a good one. I like it for myself. I can get in front of the TV and walk/run my little heart out. We will see.

If you dont layaway, I think you are missing out. With Sears/Kmart, you can put 10%, or is it 15%, down and pay bi-weekly for 8 weeks. Friends that read my blog in my area, Sears had more treadmills but not too sure if Kmart will be getting more in stock. I noticed that both stores have the sale and both offer pretty much the same equipment.

I just hope that Kmart/Sears do not close any more stores. They announced a few store closings earlier this week. I hope that will be enough. I love that I can do my LARGE home purchases at Sears. I also love that if its a bit pricey, I can use layaway.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I am writing this post as a consumer. I was not asked to review this by any mentioned companies or otherwise.

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