Friday, May 11, 2012

My Experience with pre-conditioning as a curly girl

I am a mix between 1, 2, and 4. 
While reading the Curly Girl Method book, it was suggested that one would pre-condition (pre-Poo) hair before washing routine.  When I first starting the CG method, I would skip this part to save time because I am normally washing my hair on the go....Wash and go :-)! I decided to add it in my routine to see how it goes.

I do not sleep with it overnight because if I leave anything on my hair overnight, I will wake up with an irritated scalp. I usually saturate my hair while I am getting ready in the morning. This gives me about 10-30 minutes with this pre-condish. Then I wash as I normally do. 

I have to say I honestly see less frizz. My hair corkscrew curls and S-shaped locks have been even more pronounced. I am on my second week of this process and its no turning back. I LOVE it.

Recap of my hair cleansing routine. 

On weeks that I am using gel,

I pre-condish with my cheap VO5 Moisture Milks

Shampoo hair using- Dr. Bronner Castile Soap
  • I switch between the peppermint (in the winter months, dont know why), Tea Tree (for those weeks that I feel like I am a bit itchy. Tea Tree is an antiseptic.) and the lavender (just because lavender is relaxing)
Then Condition and detangle using Tresemme Naturals or Hairveda's Moist 24.7

Finally, I add a little gel for hold using my KCCC or Loreal EverStyle Curl Defining Gel (Loreal has less shrinkage but can leave hair a bit crunchy if you use too much). I do use the Lets Jam Custard still but it is not my favorite. 

Even every other day I am spritzing my hair with water and seal. 

On weeks that I am not using Gels,

I always start the week off with clean Shampooed hair. The only difference, I rinse my hair daily adding a little condish for add moisture and seal. 

I do experiment with different products but I always go back to the products mentioned. They work for me and  I am realizing why change what is working. Though the PJ in me must know what is out there. If I find something that works for me I will add it in my collection and rotate once in a while. Hope that helps a little bit.

SN: I really need to find a deep conditioner I LOVE. I have not included that in my routine above because I have yet to find one that I want to add to my routine. I deep condish once a month. 

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