Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So I liked the Mixed Silk Curly Gel until....

I sprayed water in my hair to get some moisture the next day. I guess this product is a one day type of deal

For the first day, I had beautiful hair. It dried nicely but then.....


I moisturized my hair, like always. I just sprayed a little of plain water in my hair and then I realized why people didnt like this product. As my hair  dried, I realized that it was forming a weird waxy feel. Unlike most gels when you saturate or wet your hair it will reactivate the gel. Not this one. It started to flake, started to tangle and gave me a film. I realized that this product loves water but when looking for a product I am not looking for this.

So this product is a no-no for me!!! I guess our hair likes what it likes and that it is hunny.

I came across a few blog/vlogs that stated the same thing happened to them with the Let's Jam Custard. My hair LOVES the Let's Jam but the Curling Gel by Mixed Silk hated my hair.

This is the reason that I tell everyone, "what may work for me may not work for you and vice versa." You have to try it for yourself. It all depends on hair types, allergies, the water we intake and even what we eat.

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