Monday, May 7, 2012

Mixed Silk Curly Gel

I stopped by Sally's on Thursday to see what type of natural/curly hair products they offered. I noticed they had a sale on a few items and of course I had to try some of them out.

Before trying this gel, I went around asking different people what they thought of the product and line and I received mixed feedback. While asking about the Mixed Silk line, I was told that it was supposed to be a alternative to the Mixed Chicks line. I don't know because I have yet to try that line.

Some people LOVED Mixed Silks and some people hated it.

I wasn't interested in the whole line but 6 bucks for 8 oz of gel, I was curious. The complaints that I heard that this gel was that it was drying, crunchy, and it flakes. Knowing this about the product, I decided to take a few precautions. When I got the product home, I put it in the freezer for about an hour and then moved it to the fridge until I was ready. SN: Using cold products help seal your curls. I pre-poo'ed, shampooed and conditioned my hair leaving the conditioner in my hair. I sealed my wet scalp with some almond Oil pomade. Then I proceeded to apply the product in sections (4 sections) adding more water to each section. After reading the ingredients, I knew that this product needed lots and lots of water. I, then, distributed the product with my hands to each section ensuring that all the gel was dissolved in my hair. This may sound like a long process but it may have taken be about 10 minutes. 

Once I finished I decided to pull out my diffuser to see the ending results. With this method I did not see flaking. Like usual I had shrinkage. I am used to that and have embraced it. I have shoulder length hair about 12 inches when stretched. After MOST products dry in my hair, I have about 6-8 inches of length. 

The Good: 

  • If you like for your curls to clump, this is the product for it.
  • Great Hold
  • Similar to KCC without the slime (I love KCC, hate the slime)
  • Do not need much product. I believe I used about a quarter size amount for each section
  • No need to comb or shingle through.
  • Though it did leave a case on my curl strands, it still offered body and movement. Does that make sense. 

The Bad:

  • Fragrance, I didnt not care for the floral scent. My husband liked it though because he mentioned my hair smelling good.
  • Does leave a hard case on hair (but if you apply some oil and water, the case was lifted.) 
  • Cant slap it on. I think you must add extra water with application to prevent flaking. (I used my spray bottle of water on each section. Even with my hair already being wet)
Overall for 6 bucks, it was not a bad gel for the price. 

SN: Because my product was VERY cold, it was thick and solid. As stated previously, it is similar to KCC but tad but more runny. You can turn your KCC over in jar and it doesn't move at room temperture. This product when it is room temperature, does have movement when jar is tipped over. Does that make sense??

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