Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Review: Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream


For Mother's Day, My mom gifted me the whole line of the Jane Carter. I tried all the products here and there. Some I loved. Some I didn't quite like.

The curl defining cream was one of the products that I didn't like much. I have never been too fond of cream defining creams. Though, I gave it a try. My initial thoughts on this products wasnt to good. It left my hair very frizzy with no definition. I didnt mind the results because I dont mind frizz but when I am looking for a product that suppose to define curls, I want the definition.

 Then I decided to try the product again. The second time must be a charm because I adore my results.

Initially, I put the product on as I do with any curling product. I scrunch it in. So I decided that this time I will try a different way. This time I smooth the product in. Some may call it the praying hand method. Then I racked my fingers through it.

IMAG0639-1.jpg Each time I did sit under the dry. Each time I did apply a heat protectant. Both times I had very little crunch. It left me with soft hair. This time with soft coils that I love. I do have a lot of shrinkage but I love my wash and go's with a lot of shrinkage. I think its cuter that way. As you can see in the picture above...A LOT of Shrinkage. When stretched, my hair is collar bone length.

I have a lot of shine though I am sure that the heat protectant has a lot to do with it.

Will I use it again? Yes! Will I purchase again? Yes, if my results continue to be like this.

Thanks Mom!!

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