Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Journey To Clean Eating

Since I decided to start eating clean I get facebook inboxed and texted the same question. I decided to share here. Bet you thought I forgot about my blog. Nope, not at all. Just when it comes to family life, school, working, and social media, I have to pick what is more important and sometimes blogging is at the end of my list. 

But anyway since I didnt sign on for THAT. 

The question is "Has clean eating increased my grocery bill?" Well yes and no. Firstly, I have always eaten certain organic products like eggs and meats. I'm not really a processed food eating. I have recently adapted no refined products to my lifestyle. I avoid white sugar, white flour, and processed cereal. 

Its a slow process for me. I have never been a big milk drinker but I LOVE cheese and soy is not an option. Though I heard there are some local farmers that offer organic cheese, as well. 

For the yes part, I have been trying to be creative with my staple products; seasonings and such. So in that aspect, yes.  Since I will not purchase staple items every week, they will not be an issue. I hope that helps some. 

I have been doing this, 90% clean, for about 2 weeks. I have lost weight. However,  my goal is not for weight loss. After doing lots of research, I realize that this lifestyle is better suited for me. I do feel healthier. I can see this being a way of life. Now do I wish I had a Whole foods close? OF COURSE. Its my fave hang out. I don't like driving an hour to get to my fave hang out though.

If you have any other question, please please feel free to ask. This is still a learning experience for me. I am learning as I go but I do have to tell you that I am loving it. 

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