Monday, December 31, 2012

52 week challenge-Completed

I know I have been horrible with updates on my 52 week challenge but I did NOT forget about it. I completed my goal ending up with $2300. I look 300 and spent it on myself and the rest stays put. I will be doing this in 2013. I am pretty proud that I was successful with this challenge. It wasnt too hard at all.

Also, I am quite proud that I am almost debt free. I do have school loans and car loan that I am working on. However, I am right where I want to be. We are also thinking about investing in a home. Being a military family, I am still a little hesitant since I do move every 3 years but I do want the investment. I will keep you posted.

Background on the challenge-

This wonderful lady inspired me...

Why am I doing this challenge? Since I spend money on sooo much that I dont really need. Why not incorporate a simple savings plan that I can see grow.

In 52 weeks you can save $1378 by saving money each week. All you need to do is save the same amount as the week you are on.

Week 1= $1
Week 2=$2
So on and so forth.

Feel free to add more to your savings but please to the minimum. At the end of this challenge do what you like with the money; vacation, IRA, Saving, down payment of a car or home project.

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