Friday, October 7, 2016

Battle of the Inexpensive Concealer-First Impressions

DISCLAIMER: All items are purchased by myself. I am an affiliate of IKateHouse and earn commission on every sale I refer. 

I mentioned in my last blog that I was going to do a battle of concealers. I chose 3 different brands, L.A. Girl, Nicka K, and City color. The Nicka K and City Color retails at IKateHouse for 1.99 and L.A. Girl for 4.99. I have been using L.A. Girl for about 2 or 3 years. I have VERY oily skin and I need a product that will withstand my oily skin. 
Top: City Color -Middle: Nicka K- Bottom: L.A. Girl 

In this Post, I will do a quick review of the product and then return to give more details on how it withstand my needs. I will try to get this complete within a week. 

I purchased 2 colors for each brand. I was not sure which color would be a perfect match. With Nicka K, I purchased NCL010 Coffee and NCL009 Lion. With City Color, I have mocha and maple. The L.A. Girl concealer, I purchased many colors over the years. For this battle, I am going to test GC982 Warm Honey and GC983 Fawn.

Today, I will discuss smell, color, consistency and size. Next week, I will discuss the lasting power and how it works with my other makeup. 


City Color. It has a light perfume scent. However, some may not like that smell. I believe its slight perfume smell is very pleasant.

Nicka K- has a powdery smell. Its not bad

L.A. Girl- I didnt  sense a smell


City Color - I thought it was going to be too light. However, it oxidizes to a more appropiate color for me. Once mocha oxidized it seem to match my skin tone and the maple was more for a highlighting color

Nicka K.- Both colors matched my skin tone. One with a very slight different in the red undertone. 

L.A. Girl- Fawn is a perfect  match and Warm honey is a great highlighting tone


City Color- Seems to be the thinnest consistency. I feel that I may have to use more to camouflage my under eye discoloration. Once in place it did not seem to move with my rub test.

Nicka K- This product basically shares the same consistency of L.A. Girl. It seems that it will work just fine covering my under eye discoloration. I did the rub test on all the concealer and Nicka K needs a powder to seal it in place. It may move around on my oily skin.

L.A. Girl- As stated previously, I have used this product for many years and it covers my under eye discoloration. Once in place it did not move; however, it took a little longer to dry. 

Size or amount of product:

City Color .250 US Fl oz/ 7.5 ml
Nicka K     .51 Fl oz/ 15 ml
L.A. Girl    .28 fl oz/ 8 g

Every day for the next few days, I will wear these products and share their pros and cons. I will wear each with the same primer and setting products.

If I forgot anything in my first impressions, please feel free to comment and I will be sure to share my thoughts. I hope this post helps you out. I will not compare with a high end product because I do not own many and I dont want to purchase any more for the purpose of testing. I am too cheap. 

Until Next Time....

Next Post- Chapter 3 in Mindful Eating. 

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