Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Work. Kids. School. Oh My!

I guess I will first speak about my weak ability to maintain a busy schedule. I have been trying to juggle all things of life, but I have been suffering a bit. I would wake up with this great plan to be productive, and then BAMMMMM life hits. For the past two weeks, EVERY and I mean EVERY body has taken their turn to be sick in my house. Everyone was home for at least two days. The would take turns who needed to stay home from work and school.  Most parents understand if a child or spouse is home sick, it will jack up your whole schedule. I have been a mess. I want to be super mom but I also want a little me time. The me time I have settled for is mindless time on social media. My finger nails are looking horrible and I am WAAAAYYYYY past due for a pedicure. Boy do I need a massage. 

I have been attempting to become better organized. I even bought a new high speed planner. I have made a schedule for my blog. I decided to pump the family up with that would help me any. I am sure they will be sick again. Work and school, well that is already scheduled. I just have to learn to juggle it all stress-free. 

I goggled some tips to become more organized and I thought I would share the two that has been most important to me. PLEASE PLEASE share your useful tips, if you have any. The top two tips I have implemented was maintaining a planner and command center. My command center has to be a make-up and work area. My area I have is small so I need to be highly organized. I am still attempting to organize my command station. I will share my command station organization when I am complete. I will be Youtubing it up until I figure out what I want to do. 

I said all that to say, I hope to organize myself enough to become more and more organized. I want to become more consistent and offer content with has been requested. I will talk to you soon. I am going to attempt to have two posts per week. Please bear with me. I want to thank you loyal readers for sticking by me and my new friends I hope you stay awhile. If you should have any suggestions for content, please feel free to let me know. 

Up next, Battle of the Inexpensive concealer....

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