Monday, July 13, 2009

Healthy Hair

I wouldn't say that I have damaged hair. That part is good but I do have dry hair. Since I moved to an area where I am not happy with salons, I am forced to do my own hair. SCARY! I have never been one to do my own hair. I have a special talent of breaking it off. Well I cut it all off when I first moved here thinking that caring for short hair would be easier. For me that is a task. So I am growing it back out. I decided that I will hold out on the heat and relaxers. I am going to move from relaxing every 8 weeks to every 12. I have been looking at a few styles, even half wigs. I have never worn one before so I am really curious how this is going to turn out. I have been regular with my vitamins. I started to pre-poo. Which makes my hair gorgeous!!!! I haven't tried the co-washing yet. I am still trying to understand this technique. If heat needs to be avoided. When I wash my hair mid-week, I will HAVE to put some sort of heat in it. I mean I don't have to but I refer not letting my hair air dry. I'm not not letting go of my grease neither. I don't understand that concept. If we lotion our skin to prevent dry ashy looking skin, why not do the same for our scalps. Their are oils out there that are not heavy. Though, I love my shea butter. I use shea butter at least once a week. I use scalp conditioner as needed. I am blessed to have hair that grows fairly easy but I want to know how will my hair react to my new regiment. Living healthy is also having healthy hair.

So here are some pictures of my hair relaxed and not....

Ignore the goofy look please. This is me no relaxer. I needed my bangs cut. This was the beginning stage of going natural. My ends are relaxed still. I didn't do the big chop

My lastest hair cut growing out:

When I first got cut it all off:


Anonymous said...

Hey Healthy hair I love the way your hair look I would love to get my hair back thick what products would you suggest I use because I am not a patient person when it come to doing the natural thing but I will keep going forward and not dare look back because I really need to get my divvvvvvva back lol

Anonymous said...

hey sweetheart I need help to get my hair back thick what do you suggest I know there are alot of product out there but what really help also what is good for your edges thanks

Dana said...

Sorry, I didn't realize that I had messages on this post but for a suggestion to get the thickness back...depends on what you are doing to your hair currently. The best way to revitalize your hair is moisture, seal and protect. If you use a lot of heat, try to slow down a little. If you relax your hair, try to go longer between touch ups. All hair is different so I don't have a definite answer to what to do but I believe that working life back into damage hair takes a little patience and dedication. Good luck to you! Get it Diva!!!!