Thursday, August 27, 2009

been gone for a minute....I'mmmmm bacckkkkkk!!

First, My mother came to town and then I get sick. Now, that I am all better I have a question.

Does everyone believe that mineral oil and vaseline is bad for the skin?

Am I the only person left that still uses grease and vaseline?

My hair grows best when I grease and massage my scalp. I also find that vaseline is the best skin moisturizer for me and my family. I know that every one's skin is different. I also when and researched it. I could not find any evidence that it isn't good. I actually found quite the opposite. I even ask stylish. So love it. Some hate it.

People say that it clogs your pores. I have to say that my mother and grandmother have been using vaseline on their faces for years and always are told that they look youthful for their age. I would post a picture but I know they both will kill me.

Keep in mind that I have a kid that is allergic to tree nuts. So Shea butter is officially a no no in my house. So I cant use that time of moisturizer but I do use all the greats: coconut, olive, etc.
Just like the USDA states, Oils should be consumed in moderation. This goes for the hair as well. Remember what goes in the body also means the outside as well. Which is why I don't pile up on NO product. Like the saying goes, To much of a good thing isn't always good. Believe me I have learned the hard way~~~~

I will say I do use only certain grease. I love Keri care Glossifier. I also use TCB hair conditioner and Dr. Miracle's Hot Gro Conditioner. I dont like the REAL heavy stuff during the summer months because its too damn hot. But I will pull out my burgermot when it is cold and my scalp feels like it needs something thicker. I also grease my body with vaseline. I also use vaseline near my smile line and around my eyes.

SO, I guess I am actually saying or asking why is it soooo bad for your hair. Where can I find the facts on this? I am asking because I really sincerely want to know. I know that I am not a freak of nature and not the only one able to still grease my scalp.

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Hey girl missed ya! I know a lot of women think mineral oil is bad because it clogs the pores, but me personally I do not see the big deal with mineral oil or vaseline. My momma used it when I was young and my hair and skin were the bomb! So if it ain't broke don't fix it. LOL.