Thursday, August 27, 2009

My weight loss update

Since I have been sick and my mother coming to town has derailed my weight loss. But I am feeling better for the most part. I think that its time to get the juices flowing again. Find that momentum and get this thing on and popping.

I do not keep a scale in the house because I tend to obsess with it. I'm not sure where I am. I will be working out at home today and tomorrow. I guess I will know something on Wednesday or Thursday.

The next to days I will depend on my weight loss boyfriend, Billy Blanks, Jr. He has a great Cardioke DVD I love. It will get you sweating. I am also going to do my push up and sit ups. I have to get back on the saddle. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE TRY IT OUT.

Love ya!!!


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Hang in there...oh I will be trying Billy Blanks Jr's workouts.