Friday, October 2, 2009

Am I meant to be fat...DAMMMNNN!!!

I worked out all summer. I did wonderful. Then when my husband left, so did my motivation. Well not really my motivation but my time. I mean as soon as I get my motivation back. I have my spider drama. At one point, in order to walk I was dragging my leg to get around. Now, its all getting back to normal. Its a ugly scar. It still a little swollen but I can put a shoe on again. Its really tight but at one point I couldnt even do that. The doctor gave me a diuretic. So I guess the 2 lbs that I gained after this drama will be gone soon.

I have a month and 2 weeks to get my weight off. I am not giving up but a Sistah is getting a little aggravated. My boyfriend Billy Blanks Jr. got to be missing me jumping my big behind around that tv cussing him out for making me work so hard.

Dammit the beauties of being greedy!

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Hey we all have "set backs" don't worry. As long as your leg is healed properly that is most important. Don't worry you will be able to get back on track soon.