Thursday, October 1, 2009

I love her makeup!!! I am no guru on makeup but I do love to enhance my beauty and I do that with About Face Cosmetics®. Her product is reasonable priced. Well at least to me because I will not buy MAC Cosmetics. She even offers samples....5o cents. The sample depending on how much you wear makeup is good for 1 to 5 applications. Go check her out. I love to support that little man (woman). she is worth the shot.

From the website... "There has been a long-standing myth that in order for something to be deemed high-quality, it has to come with a high price tag, so my goal was to create a truly affordable product line where a client can pay $4.00 for an eye shadow instead of laying out $12.00 for a jar that is essentially the same size."

If you happen to check her out. Let me know.

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Just checked out the website, and it is nice. How did you find this. You know those mineral make-ups are so good. I like them better than regular eye-shadow and face powder.