Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A mother's concern.....God Does Answer prayers.

OK, Here's the story....

Since my husband graduated from OCS, we are eligible for different housing. They are about to remodel where we are living so they offered us housing within days instead of the normal months. Well anyway we had to choices for where we could move....Brand New Housing or Older housing. The catch for us is if I wait too long I may have to move a family of 5 solo. The older homes are larger but I mean the others are brand new.  I prayed that God would send us to the new homes. Got the call Monday that we were in the older housing. Surprisingly, I wasn't upset. It wasn't new but it wasn't bad neither. My husband was a little upset but he got over it quickly. He moved on to trying to move into a new house a week after Christmas. 

Then yesterday we get a letter in the mail that there was ANOTHER guy that snuck on post and tried to abduct a child. I said another guy because this is the second time within the past 4 months. The school is right inside the gate so its not hard for something I mean something one to get a pass to get on base, kidnap a child and get a quick getaway. Well this school is in the NEW housing development. 

So do you see where I am getting at. I prayed for something. God answer not the way I wanted him to but the way I needed him too. 

Thank God for the smarts of the 2 children that were affected by this. They knew to scream and get away. I know this can happen anywhere but this school is an open target. I am also thanking God that there are cameras at the front gates to identify cars. They actually found the car that attempting this abduction.

Now, I think that the post needs to work on who they are giving passes to.....

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Thank God those children got away. OMG. That is so scary, I feel your concern.