Monday, March 22, 2010

So I need to stop listening to the radio....

The question of the day:

If you see a mate of one of your friends talking to the opposite sex, would you make your presence known?

I think that I wouldnt bust up over to them but  I probably would take notice of the situation. Would I go and find out who the other person was? Probably not. If there was any No-No's taking place, it will all surface. What is done in the dark will suface to the light. I would stay out of it because honestly I dont know the situation. I may mention that I saw so and so at this place but be the channel 9 news not me. If asked, I may say what I saw the mate and that's it. I wont make ASSumptions. It may be innocent.  Would I want someone to tell me? Yes and No. Just being who I am. I am probably going to listen to the report. Then I will judge and approach the situation in my own way. No, because sometimes hear say is a powerful thing. ASSumptions. So, I guess I would have to be in the situation to know what and how I would want to deal with the situation.

I actually was in a situation like this once. My husband had someone tell him that I was hugged up on some guy. I did hug a guy but it was a friend from years back. It was an innocent WOW, IT BEEN AGES. HOW ARE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY kind of deal. When I actually heard the story back from other's. It was I was hugged up and flirting. THe hubs didnt ask me about it but I know his "I heard you ran into so and so" was his way of feeling out the situation.

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