Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We're off to see the dentist, The wonderful dentist of alll

Well Matthew had to go to the dentist today. Which wouldnt be a big deal for some but he has a cavity. He hates needles, and the drill...No way.

Well he went back by himself. They came out and told me that he was having a lil bit of a hard time but he did it. There were dried up tears and a lot of frustration on my lil man face but he did it. Then I asked if he was strong enough to go back and battle the world of 1st grade. At first, he told me that he was just a little to hurt to deal with school but then later said that he wanted to show his friends his new and improved tooth.

I love that boy! Dramatic but I love him. Guess what, he doesnt take that after mommy. Daddy takes the blame for that one. Though I believe that men are undercover dramatic creatures. Dont get them sick.....

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