Saturday, December 11, 2010

So here are some more details about my Nutrition Classes

Since the line was busy nonstop for 2 weeks, I finally went up there. If you dont know me, that said a lot. When I told my husband that I went up there he said, "WOW, you are serious about this." I usually flake out on taking initiative on certain things, especially my weight loss. Glad I did it. It was such a easy process.

My first appointment is Monday. It is a resting metabolic test. I have to fast and not workout for 4 hours prior to the appointment. Then I go back on January 6. With the holiday coming that is the first available appointment. At that appointment, they will discuss my test results. Then 2 weeks later on the 21st, they will assist me in making a individualized meal plan. Then I have the option to stop at that or keep going with the classes they have available. Of course, I will be continuing. I am GOING to lose this weight and for good.

Pray for me! Good Vibes, please!


Tasha said...

Congrats lady on the lifestyle change. I also recently started myself with Weight Watchers, so far it's going pretty good, it can be better if i would just start making some extra changes, and the bad part about me getting up to workout is that when my mom passed away in March, 2010 i decided i am making some life changes, and my weight was one, so i had been going to this funky fit aerobics class for almost a year, and decided that i was going to be an instructor, now mind you i went to the instructor workshop in June,2010 passed the class, and didn't teach my first class until 12/8/10 LMBOOOOO... So sad, i just got lazy and decided i didn't think i wanted to do it anymore, but they called and you can almost say made me do it, and i'm so glad they did because i had the greatest time teaching, so it almost makes me want to be careful of what i eat for the sake of being to out of breath when So i say all this to say to you Congrats on your first milestone, you can do it, keep pressing forward and take lil small steps, and you'll be amazed of the changes. Blessings along the way! Tasha

Mom.Wife.Me said...

Tasha, girl, I started the year off with a bang. I lost 40 lbs. Then August came and no lbs left. I said I wanted to get certified to teach aerobics but I was too lazy. I mean I can get fit and make money. I did GREAT on WW. I am just too cheap. I am using this as my alternative. Insurance covers it!!! YEAHHH!!! How did you do with teaching your class?? Congrats on your lifestyle change.

Sorry about the lost of your mother!

Tasha said...

to tell you the truth i did pretty's a funky fit aerobics so it's based on the latest songs, so it's actually structured with exercise but you feel like your dancing, and since dancing is something i like to do it was cool..Thanks about my mom, but um i need to know what you did to loose 40 lb...WOW

Mom.Wife.Me said...

The first 40 wasnt that hard. I just went to the gym and watched what I ate (nothing too strict). I drank lots and lots of water. Now that isnt quite working.