Saturday, October 29, 2011

My weekly work out check in

This week I suck!!! I mean I did nothing that I was supposed to do.

 I have been complaining about my c-section scar that had keloids and and very painful over the years. I would avoid working out at times because of it. If you are not sure what it feels like, it feels like I am getting stabbed in my incision area, repeatedly. So instead of my constant complaints, I made an appointment and he made me an appointment to see a specialist. I will fill you in with my referred appointment when I go. Another thing I talked to my doctor about is my stomach. I have quite a bit of excessive skin in my abdomen area. Having carried twins (total of about 20 lbs; 7lbs and 9lbs plus 3 lbs placentas each), My abdomen is pitiful and  the excessive skin feels like it is pulling. He said that he will see if I would quality for some sort of corrective procedure. I would be thankful for that because I believe that working out would be easier. If not, I will be looking into it on my own.

But back to my workout...yep I sucked. Just lazy this week. It was cold and I just didnt feel motivated to get out. So next week, this lady, has to be better. I was watching youtube and one of my fav weight loss channels talked about Back to Basics (B2B). I think that is what I need to do, get back to my basics. I will be reviving my basic components of healthy living and working out.

So see you later!!!

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LV said...

Working out can be a challenge. especially when its cold. I did P90X last year during the cold months with amazing results.