Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two weeks sporting my twist out using...

Shea Moisture Curling Souffle. Normally I wash weekly but I lost didn't feel like washing and detangling my curls track of time and having my hair still looking good from my twist out last week was a plus. So yeah, I am loving this product. I actually got a compliment today at Target on my hair. So of course that excited me.

Enough is enough though!!!! I will be washing tomorrow and trying out Queen Helene Royal Curls line (minus the shampoo since that wasn't in stock)and will be posting what I think. I will have pictures also. I will add a picture to this post tomorrow so you can check out my hair from this week.

Shhhhhh, I'm supposed to be doing homework so no pictures tonight but I didnt want to forget about it. I had to share THAT with you.

So good night and if I dont post tomorrow night, I will see you Saturday!!!

OHHHHH P.S. Remember me telling you that the product was sticky. It wasnt bad after a day or two and now I have a GREAT shine and soft locks.

This picture is after getting stuck in the rain.

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