Friday, April 20, 2012

A Natural Hair Swimming Protection Tip

I dont know about you but when the weather starts to get warm, the first thing I want to do is get in a pool and swim. I LOVE it. My hair is too big for a swim cap. I dont think that they are all that cute anyway. So I tend to swim without that protection. 

But here's a tip that I have for you that will help your strands while you are swimming in chlorinated pools.

Grab a spray bottle and your favorite oil (maybe even one with silicone to coat the hair). Then spray your hair well before getting the pool. I use olive or grape seed oil. Once you get home, I would also recommend to wash/condition to put those naturals oils back your hair. I didn't say shampoo wash because the chlorine may have strip it enough.

Now how much oil needed in hair really depends on how long you are swimming. But, Chile, please do not have so much that you are leaving a trail in the pool. That aint hot!!! :)

Hope that helped someone.


I forgot to mention, Protective styling while you are swimming!!!!

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