Thursday, April 26, 2012

Product Review: Let's Jam Custard Cream Gel

While watching one of my favorite vloggers the other day, mahogany curls, she spoke about a new product that was on the market.

SN: Did your walmart start carrying more natural hair products. The store near me does and I'm excited. I usually have to travel 2 or 3 cities over to find some of my goodies.

Anyway, I realized that Walmart had a very few items left in stock. I had to grab it. I mean it was only 3.49. I have used it 3 times, so far. I have to say that it will be in my regular rotation. I have tried it without leaving condish in my hair. Awesome hair. I even used it leaving all the condish in my hair. Awesome hair. The third application, I added a little KCC to it. Awesome hold and hair. That's right it plays nice with the fickle KCC.

The consistency is like most moisturizers. I would say it looks like most pudding like products. Too me, it is a not thick enough to be a custard. It has the same typical Let's Jam fragrance. It does not offer a super hold on your hair but you will notice great holding power. If you decide to add gel on top, it will give that extra hold you are looking for without that crunch.

My hair is soft. It looks and feels very moisturized.

Its not all natural. Though silicons (that I can tell), mineral oil, nor petroleum.

Go check it out and tell me what you think!

"Flexible hold - 3X conditioning** (**vs. Untreated hair) - 24-Hour humidity protection - No mineral oil, no petrolatum, no alcohol - From AMERICA'S #1 conditioing gel brand* (*based on iri unit sales data for ethnic conditioning gels sold in food, drug And major discount retailers (excluding wal-mart), calendar year 2010."

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Anonymous said...

My hair luvs this product. I've been transitioning for 5 months. I even bought shea moisture curl smoothie. I love that its natural, but this custard defiines my natural curls better. I will be using my lets jam custard everyday. It makes my hair so beautiful it turns heads