Monday, May 21, 2012

Gurl, so what's up with you

Artwork by Nidhi Chanani
Nothing much as of yet. I am just enjoying time with the family. I did decide to go back to school next month rather than September. I was getting bored. I will be going back to school to get my Master's in Mental Health Counseling. I am pretty excited. I purchased all my books and ready to go for the most part. I am ready to go back to school but not soo much ready to write papers. 

My doctor has me in an orthopedic boot. I dont know if that is the correct word for it but he has me walking around looking like robo cop. My MRI results came back saying that I have rheumatoid arthritis, excessive fluid buildup and that my ankle is not fully healing from all the breaks, sprains, and bruising. I have to wear this boot for a month to see if the stability will help. If not, I will have to go in for surgery. No fun, right??

A few months ago, I had a high blood pressure scare. My blood pressure was in the stroke zone. My doctor put me on a diuretic. It did nothing. So he had to put me on a some medicine to help lowing my levels. After being on it for a month, it dropped my pressure too low. So low that I was driving one day and had to pull over because I felt that I was going to pass out. Then he told me to take half a pill everyday. My pressure was still too low still. So now I take half a pill every other day and maintain perfect levels at about 120/80

With your BP, 200 is the magic number. That is combining the top and bottom numbers. When I went in with my BP at its high I was at 170/109.  At my lowest I was at 70/79.

My doctor thinks that part of my issue was stress induced. I went in for a check up around the time I found out that my husband will be deploying again soon. Talk about the stress. These numbers really scared me. So I changed my eating habits. I tried to exercise for a while but I will have to do some pool time for now.

I try to eat fresh and light. I do have days where I dont do so well but for the most part I have really improved. I do not eat at fast food restaurants anymore. Well I will go to subway for a Veggie sub and to my favorite coffee shop for a chicken wrap but that is about it. I have been doing this since February. A few of you know that I added Green smoothies to my diet, as well. I am even working on recipe alternatives for my favorite fatty meals. I am doing very well. I even lost weight. Thats even better. I wasnt doing it for the weight in the beginning but losing weight is now part of my healthy living goals. 

Well anyway. Ta-ta for now. Hope you have a great day. I have to go run some errands before lunch. I have a date with my hunny.

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