Monday, May 7, 2012

Sofn’free Curly Pudding and Cleansing Conditioner Review

In April's Curl Kit, I was able to test the Nothing But Curly Pudding (5.99 for 8.8oz) and Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner (8.99 for 16oz) from Sof'n Free Nothing But hair care line. I have to be honest I liked one product and didn't care for the other. Though, I did love their website. They offered all the ingredients and purpose of each ingredient and they were very informative.

The Nothing But Curly Pudding was pretty good. It was very moisturizing. Had a pleasant fragrance. This product would be great as a moisturizer to wake up your curls. Though I didn't use it for a twist out, I believe this product will offer you a GREAT soft hold. Would I purchase again? No, because I try not to use non-water soluble silicons. I dont want to deter those who use silicones from this product. Overall, it was a good product.

First Five Ingredients:

Glycine Soja (Soybean Oil) — A natural moisturizer. 
Glycerin — Attracts and retains moisture.
Polysorbate 20 — Allows essential oils to become soluble in water.
Cetearyl Alcohol — Derived from coconut oil, it provides creaminess to the product.
Ceteareth-20 — An emollient that also helps to thicken the product.

I was not happy with this product AT ALL. It was very drying. I had high hopes for it but I really was disappointing. This product has NO slip and I felt that it caused more tangles. It took me about an hour to work out all the tangles. It also took a few washes to get my hair back itself. This product does have non-water soluble cones which isn't CG friendly. Maybe that is why my hair didn't like it?? I will not recommend or use again. Though my hair didnt mind the silicones in the pudding. On the company's website, consumers only gave it 2 stars. I tried to read their thoughts but reviews were disabled.

Glycerin — Attracts and retains moisture.
Cyclopentasiloxane — Provides a silky feel and shine without weighing hair down with a greasy residue.
Dimethiconol — A non-greasy lubricant that adds shine.
Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil — A natural moisturizer.
Polyacrylamide — Dries to form a thin coating on the hair to help it hold its style.

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