Friday, December 10, 2010

In it to win it....My weight loss

So I am looking to this program.  I have been at a stand still with my weight loss. I think I need help. My Doctor referred me to this program. I jumped on this opportunity. I will keep you posted on how things goes.

Few of the details:

Weigh to Live (Health Promotion)
No referral required. Two classes per week for five weeks, consecutive series promoting lifestyle changes for weight management. Option of evening or morning classes.

Weekly small group orientations

Individualized assessments

Professional Staff:

Registered Dietitian
Advanced Practice Nurse
Health Promotion Technicians certified in weight management
Clinical Pharmacist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Choose from nine classes that meet your goals to:

Increase Nutrition KnowledgeSmart Start Nutrition
Advanced Nutrition
Eating Out in America
Develop healthier thoughts about food, moods, and stressIntuitive Eating
Mind Matters – Stress & Moods
Keep it Going – Slips  & Setbacks
Plan to be more activeLifestyle Activities
Planned Activities – at Burba Fitness Center
Explore options above diet & exerciseMedications & Alternative Therapies (Meds & More)

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